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Welcome to Birmingham Beauty & Therapy Hub, based in Great Western Arcade in the heart of Birmingham.

We pride ourselves on having the very best therapists and practitioners operating at The Hub.  Many of them have established businesses elsewhere in the UK and are expanding into Birmingham, bringing with them high levels of professionalism and expertise.

Use our Therapist Directory to find the service you want, check out their websites and contact them for further information.  Our therapists and practitioners are all independent and take their own bookings. 

Please note that we carry out checks to ensure that the therapists working from The Hub are qualified and insured to carry out the treatments they offer.  

If you are a therapist or practitioner looking for a room to rent please visit our Hub page.


The Hub Team  

At One Day Spa
Business Name: At One Day Spa
Providing the very best beauty, massage, facial and spa treatments with therapists at the Hub almost every day.
Contact Number: 0121 233 0600
Online Booking: Book Online
bea Skin Clinic
Business Name: bea Skin Clinic
At bea Skin Clinic, we are renowned for our cutting-edge approach. Our mechanical inventory includes the M2 Turbo Medical Microdermabrasion machine, the Anti-Tear fractional needling device, the Sonishape RF machine, the Oxygen O2 Therapy system and the CryoPen™ skin lesion removal pen. 
Contact Number: 0203 322 5958
Contour Couture
Business Name: Contour Couture
Looking to freshen up your look? At Contour Couture we are committed to providing you with an amazing service to make sure you go home happy. We provide a range of aesthetic treatments from lip fillers to nose augmentation, facial contouring and jaw definition, and much more, We know exactly how to make you look and feel amazing.
Contact Number: 07482 209648
Online Booking: Book Online
Indigo Reiki Birmingham
Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady and always creates a beneficial effect.
Contact Number: 07884 402701
Just Massage
Business Name: Just Massage
Maria has been a professional massage therapist for 10 years. She specialises in remedial massage including sports, deep tissue, lymphatic drainage and therapeutic relaxation massage. and has worked with various different conditions including injury, postural problems, stress and anxiety, muscular tension, oedema and nerve pain.
Contact Number: 0121 233 0600
Lerage Wax Studios
Business Name: Lerage Wax Studios
Classic and intimate waxing for men and women from a practitioner with 30-years waxing experience.
Contact Number: 07506 333333
Luxe Visage
Business Name: Luxe Visage
Visit Luxe Visage for a range of non-surgical enhancements including nanoblading, no-needle fillers, make-up, individual lashes and 14/21 day manicures and pedicures.
Contact Number: 07745 221233
Online Booking: Book Online
Microsuction Earwax Removal & Hearing Services
Contact Number: 07747 400117
Business Name: Naturveda
Ayurveda is an ancient holistic healing system from India, founded on the principle of preventing disorders in the long term rather than waiting for problems to manifest. Promoting longevity, balance and happiness it combines nutrition, healing therapies and lifestyle adjustments tailored to each individual’s needs, and can help in the management of many health conditions.
Contact Number: 07724 932561
Online Booking: Book Online
Podia Health
Business Name: Podia Health
At Podia we specialise in foot health and foot care.  As healthcare professionals we have been trained to diagnose and treat abnormal conditions of the feet and lower limbs.  We can also help to  prevent and correct deformity, keep our clients mobile and active, relieve pain and treat infections.  We also give specialist advice to help you look after your feet and select appropriate footwear.
Website: Podia Health
Contact Number: 07366 002727

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